In 1969, the catering company Belgrade built the café cakeshop Švajcarija in the park, with 120 seats in two pavilions and 350 seats on the terrace under the chestnut trees.

It is located in the very center of Vrnjačka Banja and has been working very successfully for decades. The greatest heat and temperatures of 40 degrees plus during summertime will be much easier to bear if you sit in the garden of Švajcarija and refresh yourself with a cold lemonade. What sets Switzerland apart from other cafes in Vrnjačka Banja is precisely that, phenomenal natural shade of chestnuts that you will not find in any other cafe, but also a very large selection of cakes.

No place can offer you Šampita, Krempita, Rum Cake, or Choco Indijaner Cake, like the ones you can have in Švajcarija. All these reasons make you reserve your table in Švajcarija in summertime.

  • You all know about the famous Italian Caprese salad. The origin of Caesar salad is attributed to the owner of the restaurant, a man named Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who opened a restaurant in Mexico. He lived in San Diego, but also worked in Tijuana during the American Prohibition.

  • Capricciosa is the favorite pizza of most lovers of this simple but extremely tasty Italian dish. Prepared from fine dough, aromatic tomato sauce, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms and spices. It is intended for pizza lovers, who enjoy rich flavors and traditional fillings.

  • Bolognese sauce is known in Italian as ragù alla bolognese or simply ragout. The sauce is based on meat and originates from Bologna in Italy, after which the sauce got its name. The ingredients are very characteristic and contain fried onions, celery and carrots, various types of minced meat or finely chopped beef. A small amount of red wine and tomato juice are also added.


You can also call us on +381 36 612 373 and reserve your table.

Mango is rarely disliked, and even when used in a combination with a juicy dessert, it is difficult to resist this treat.

A refreshing summer dessert that everyone adores. Carefully selected ingredients and the harmony of taste it possesses make it one of the unavoidable treats.

Kinder bueno - immediately associates us with delicious chocolates. This time it has all been packed in a delicious cake you will not resist.

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    My favourite venue! Švajcarija is unique and irreplaceable. I don’t skip a day to have coffee in their beutiful garden. The food is most delicious, just perfect.

    KATARINA, Vrnjačka Banja

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    The ambience in Švajcarija is awesome. Being Surrounded by nature, close friends and tasty food make your enjoyment unforgettable. There’s no place like home.


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    Definitely the best restaurant and place you can relax yourself. The garden is lovely, and the staff even more lovely. The food is most delicious and desserts are just perfect. Whenever I can, I don’t miss a chance to stop by.

    Ivana, Belgrade